Digital Audio

Digital Audio has been established in 1989 and has since then provided consulting services and project management in the fields of professional audio and voice communication for industrial environments, transportation, broadcasting corporations and live sound applications.

Digital Audio AS

In 2011 Digital Audio became limited company extending its services to ATM/ATC sector of voice communiaction systems and related equipment.


Design of front-end equipment and solutions for ambient/aural sound's legal recording became a new specialist area. It is combining experience from 40+ years in professional audio and electroacoustic design with 25+ years in voice communication business.


Development and production start of audio interconnection patch panels DAPC-1200 and DAPF1248 took place in 2017.

These units simplify installation work and reduce the cabling when larger number of microphones is utilized for ambient sound capture and distribution.


New front-end products for use in ambient sound recording will be introduced in 2018.

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